Improving Over Time

As we practice things we get better at them.  That’s not news to anyone.  It applies to everything, law, baking, blogging, exercise.  With baking and exercise, practice also develops flexibility.  I can expand my parameters slowly over time without even realizing it.  Before, what used to be a huge project, is now a simple task.  … Continue reading

Vote Me for Spokesbaker

How did Anna Olson get to be the spokesbaker for Bulk Barn?  I mean really, whose rolls did she have to butter?  When I think of Anna Olson, I think clean kitchen, simple ingredients, perfect measurement – I don’t think of the colourful array of goodies spread all over kitchen in a mess of baking happiness.  … Continue reading

Bulk Barn

Thursdays is flyer day at my house.  A big pile of flyers get crammed into my mailbox by the delivery guy and it makes me SO HAPPY. Those of you who know me can imagine the sound I make, it’s kind of like an “eeeeeeee!” sound.  Anyway, I like to sit and drink my coffee … Continue reading

Update: Imperial Cookies Take 1

A few of them (grudgingly) made it to the office with the ECBF this morning.  I think he would have taken down the whole container if he’d thought he could get away with it.  I’ve made an Imperial Cookie convert.  I needed him to courier the cookies to me because I didn’t want to carry … Continue reading

In the Interests of Full Disclosure: Imperial Cookies

I made them.  And what a disaster. I have a baking friend, Stephy, and when I was complaining to her about how tough they were, she mentioned off-hand that she’d “made them a couple times, no big deal”.  And also, that she “used her own homemade raspberry jam”.  Gah.  Bake nemesis. I think by the … Continue reading

Project: Imperial Cookie

I’ve never made imperial cookies.  There, I said it.  That might make me a bad Winnipeg baker… I don’t really understand the origin of the Imperial Cookie – although from what I understand it does have some Winnipeg backgound.  Does anyone know what it is?  I’ve been googling all morning and found very little substantial information…  and … Continue reading

We’ll call him “PDF”

I’ve been blogging a lot about cakes I’ve done over the years, trying to think about how I’ve grown and changed as a baker.  I think this has been a positive exercise.  However, I’m taking a break from the positivity of my Wrecks to Success series of posts to post about something negative that bugs the baking soda … Continue reading