May Long Cookies

Galen (you know, Galen Weston Jr., my future ex-husband), has a show called Recipes to Riches, where competitors battle to have their recipe made into a President’s Choice product featured on Superstore shelves.  The winner receives $25,000 and a chance to compete for $250,000 in the grand finale.  The lawyer in me knows that those competitors are signing over their signature recipe to Galen (you know, Galen in the other sense, the executive chairman of the super-mega corporation Loblaw) and likely giving up all rights to it so Loblaw’s will have it for evermore.

Isn’t he dreamy?

Today I made a peanut butter pie from the ECBF’s sister-in-law’s go-to recipe for Easter dinner.  She readily gave up the ingredients and directions to me on our recent visit when I complimented her on the great dessert.  She even wrote it out on a piece of stationery for me (which I love, by the way – only a handwritten recipe will do when sharing, but that’s another post).  The ECBF asked me if I was giving her my May Long recipe in exchange.  I could have kicked him in the shin.

May Long Cookies are my signature recipe.  If you ask anyone who has tried them, I know they will tell you they are delicious.  I am so confident in them; they are my regular go-to recipe, and the most often made request of friends and family.   The ECBF asked me recently how much it would take for me to sell my recipe for the May Long Cookies.  You see, I don’t share it.  Not even my mother has this one.  I don’t know what I would say if Galen called me up looking for the list of ingredients. 

There are some things I have no problem sharing, but I just can’t give up the May Longs.  They instantly make me a hero when I walk into a room with a tupperware container full of them.  If everyone could make them, they wouldn’t be special anymore… right?  

I hope this doesn’t ruin my chances with Galen.

2 thoughts on “May Long Cookies

  1. Don’t even let Galen have one. I’ll bet he has some sort of lab where they do terrible things to cookies so that they can figure out what’s in them. And then once he has duplicated your recipe, he’ll name his cookies something like “Memories of a Long Weekend in the Month After April”.

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