Obituary Cookies

Quite some time ago I was thinking of making my nephew some bulldozer cookies and I was looking for a recipe.  We may have been at the cottage when I was lamenting about how difficult it was to find a good one.  My sister-in-law’s sister brought a sugar cookie recipe to my attention; she referred to them as the “Obituary Cookies”. 

Apparently, Mrs. Eva Loewen, mother, grandmother and friend passed away leaving a huge void in the sugar cookie universe.  It seems no one ever turned down a Gramma Loewen sugar cookie.  In order to honour her for years to come, the family chose to print her famous recipe right in her obituary.

When you think about it, what a wonderful way to honour a beloved baker.  I hope that when I’m gone and people are thinking about my contributions to the world, they will think back to the delicious goodies I shared with them.  How fantastic would it be to have something yummy that everytime it was whipped up and taken out of the oven would instantly remind someone of a special moment they shared with you.

That being said, in a previous post I mused about how it would cost a fortune to get me to cough up the details of my May Long cookies.  Well guess what?  When I kick the bucket, just to be sure the ECBF doesn’t profit from, just hypothetically let’s say, my untimely demise, I think I will advise the Free Press to publish my May Long recipe as part of my obituary.  For free. 

If you haven’t seen the Obituary yet, check it out.

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