Treat Day

I work in a big office and it’s essentially divided into many smaller work groups and areas.  My own work group is a mish mash of different departments and there’s talk right now that we’re all undertaking an “office shuffle” so that we will all be where we “should be”.  I’m not sure yet how (or if) this will affect me, but I do know that when my own group is split up, there will be some pretty sad folks.  We’ll be sad about leaving eachother after having worked alongside one another all these years but I also think part of the sadness will be missing my (albeit irregular) impromptu treat days.  

I bring a lot of cakes/desserts/experiments to the office for my co-workers to eat.  You know, if I left everything I baked at home for my family people to eat, they would each weigh several thousand pounds.  So… to help ease the burden, I push some of that weight gain onto my co-workers and friends.  Over the years I think I have personally contributed to at least 5-10 lbs on a handful of the guys in my work area, maybe even more in some cases. 

My office work group also has a regular treat day rotation, where everyone takes a turn bringing bagels or muffins on Friday mornings.  Instead of bagels or muffins from Tim Horton’s – I bring something from my kitchen.  That’s just how I am.

Not too long ago I picked up a great cookbook, I saw it at a stationery store in Monterey, California when I was there in the fall for a shopping trip with my mom.  I didn’t buy it then, but regretted not picking it up so I recently got myself a copy on Amazon.   It’s called All Cakes Considered by Melissa Gray.  In it, she bakes a cake for her office every Monday for a year and chronicles her stories and successes.  She talks about the travel to the office with her precious cargo and there’s a picture of her on her way to the subway with cake courier in hand.  That really resonated with me because when I’m riding up the elevator at the office getting curious glances from the other riders, I know they’re thinking, why is that girl always carrying desserts?

Today was no different – it was my turn for treat day.  I have a go-to treat day recipe – and I’m happy to say it gets requested over and over – I just call it Cinnamon Bread – but I think it’s more commonly known as “monkey bread”.  I bake it in the morning before work so I can bring it in warm and gooey and the whole area smells like cinnamon all day.  It’s not difficult to make but it’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser.   I also think cinnamon increases productivity.

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