Wrecks to Success – Alexis’ 11th Birthday Cake and Cass’ Sweet Sixteen

Turning 11 is a pretty big deal.  Especially if you’re a fashionable little girl who’s into “Down With Webster”.  Yup, that was the guidance I got from mom when I asked her what she had in mind for this cake.  Fashion and Down With Webster.  Cake for 3 little girls having a sleepover party.  Yikes.  That’s not much guidance at all.

This is what she ended up with:

The beauty of Facebook is that when people see something they like, they’ll tell you.  There’s even a “like” button  (ha ha) …  this cake got a lot of responses, and I had the opportunity to try it again for a Sweet Sixteen birthday not too much later:

And, because I don’t often get to see the “cut” picture, I’ll post the one mom took for me:

This was pink velvet.  I hadn’t yet perfected the pink velvet recipe – but I’m happy with how that one looks.  

Cake makes me ridiculously happy.

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