Project: Imperial Cookie

I’ve never made imperial cookies.  There, I said it.  That might make me a bad Winnipeg baker… I don’t really understand the origin of the Imperial Cookie – although from what I understand it does have some Winnipeg backgound.  Does anyone know what it is?  I’ve been googling all morning and found very little substantial information…  and I’d love to know.

Aside from being a decidedly “Winnipeg” thing – from what I understand the Imperial Cookie is a tricky cookie to get “just right”.  There’s also a lot of Winnipeg opinion about where to get the best one (I have my thoughts on that as well).   I think I’m up to the challenge.  This may take a few tries, but I’m willing to do it – all in the name of good blogging and in the interests of being a good Winnipegger.

Stay tuned.

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