In the Interests of Full Disclosure: Imperial Cookies

I made them.  And what a disaster.

I have a baking friend, Stephy, and when I was complaining to her about how tough they were, she mentioned off-hand that she’d “made them a couple times, no big deal”.  And also, that she “used her own homemade raspberry jam”.  Gah.  Bake nemesis.

I think by the time I mastered each stage of the process, I was on the last cookie.  So I have at least one nice looking one.  But then I ate it.

Back to the drawing board (for technique anyway).  I’m pleased with the recipe.  The cookies absorb the raspberry filling to get a little softer, and the icing mixed and dried nicely, the only thing to change was that I needed to cut back on the almond extract.  I think the problem with this one was all me.  User error.  I could not make them look nice no matter how hard I tred.  The ECBF (who has never had an Imperial Cookie by the way) thought that they tasted great (but he has nothing to base his opinion on).  We’ll see what the coworkers have to say Monday morning.

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