Update: Imperial Cookies Take 1

A few of them (grudgingly) made it to the office with the ECBF this morning.  I think he would have taken down the whole container if he’d thought he could get away with it.  I’ve made an Imperial Cookie convert.  I needed him to courier the cookies to me because I didn’t want to carry them in my backpack while I walked to work.  By the time the container made it’s way to me at my office, it was a couple short.  NBD (no big deal), I put them out, apologized for their icky appearance and waited for comments. 

Guess what?  Apparently they’re quite good!  So now I know I’ve got the recipe just right. Yay!

I’ve had some  (it really was unsolicited)  advice on how to properly ice the cookies – and apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong.  One suggested frosting the tops before filling the middles – but I don’t think that will work because I used a dip method of frosting, and I’d leave a finger print on each one (I suppose I could use my baker’s tweezers). I think I’m going back to the drawing board on the frosting only and I’m going to try instead to re-jig the recipe so that I can simply pipe the frosting on in my usual method.  I may lose the adorable heart-shaped hole in the middle too.    So now I solicit the advice: thoughts, comments, advice, any of those three are officially welcome – apparently I do need it…  Particularly about the hole in the cookie – is that an essential Imperial-cookie-ism?

2 thoughts on “Update: Imperial Cookies Take 1

  1. What recipe are you using. If you use a thicker royal icing you can solely with small spoon and drag to sides and middle of cookie and have your heart in center. I have an excellent recipe if you want.

    • I’m using a slightly modified recipe from the one that was featured in Where Winnipeg a few years ago. I’m pleased with the icing for flavour and texture, I don’t want to change that – it isn’t a true royal icing, but it’s perfect for the top of these cookies – what I need to improve is the technique I use to get it onto the cookie. BUT, I hadn’t considered using a spoon to spread it – I tried a pasty brush, the dip method, and a spatula. I will try it with a spoon and I bet that will fix my issue – thanks!!!! Stay tuned for an update!

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