Bulk Barn

Thursdays is flyer day at my house.  A big pile of flyers get crammed into my mailbox by the delivery guy and it makes me SO HAPPY. Those of you who know me can imagine the sound I make, it’s kind of like an “eeeeeeee!” sound.  Anyway, I like to sit and drink my coffee and look through them making my shopping list for the week.  The best is when I get a Bulk Barn flyer – particularly when there’s a coupon.  I’m similarly pleased when I get a Galen flyer.  This week the flyer gods were looking down on me because they gifted me with not one but TWO Bulk Barn flyers plus a Galen (I love you Galen…). 

Why is Bulk Barn so awesome?  Because it’s basically a baker’s paradise.  Bins of bulk chocolate, nuts, flours, dried fruit – plus an entire cake decorating section.  What more could a girl ask for?  Last week when I was making my weekly BB Pilgrimage – I found these delightful lemon baking chips – the bin was tagged “NEW ITEM”.  As soon as I opened it, the lemon-y goodness was wafting from the bin.  I also picked up some dried raspberries, and that’s how I came to develop the Lemon Raspberry May Long Cookie.  Which were delicious, by the way.   And today when I was at BB I picked up another secret ingredient for the May Long experimental series…that’s another post… 
A large proportion of my ingredients come from BB.  They have everything.  What will I pick up this weekend? Not sure, but I’m feeling the need to whip up some cupcakes.  Key lime I think, with graham crumb sprinkles.  I did a version of these about a year ago – but it’s time to try them again.  Fondant toppers give it that extra “wow” factor, but the secret is the key lime curd.  Have you ever made key lime curd?  Juicing those little suckers is a chore – but the result is so worth it.

Thank you BB – you let me get the quantity I want with the selection I need.  Don’t worry Galen, your place in my heart hasn’t changed, but BB is giving you a run for your money (which, as I understand it, is substantial…call me?).

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