Vote Me for Spokesbaker

How did Anna Olson get to be the spokesbaker for Bulk Barn?  I mean really, whose rolls did she have to butter?  When I think of Anna Olson, I think clean kitchen, simple ingredients, perfect measurement – I don’t think of the colourful array of goodies spread all over kitchen in a mess of baking happiness.  That’s what BB is to me, an overload of baking happiness.  Anna Olson just makes me feel like a messy disaster, with her white shirts and perfectly level bowls of ingredients.  Ugh.


You know who needs a spokesbaker?  Galen.  Oh Galen (have I mentioned how dreamy he is?)…  He sells a colourful array of yummy baking goodies in his store.  Do you know who would be the best representative of those colourful and yummy goodies?  That’s right.  Me.

Think Pink.  Vote me for Superspokesbaker.

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