Improving Over Time

As we practice things we get better at them.  That’s not news to anyone.  It applies to everything, law, baking, blogging, exercise.  With baking and exercise, practice also develops flexibility.  I can expand my parameters slowly over time without even realizing it.  Before, what used to be a huge project, is now a simple task.  As a task becomes second nature, whether it’s deadlift rows, squat form, vanilla buttercream, or pie crust, it allows us to focus on the next level of the task – like adding weight to the bar in a workout, you can incorporate different flavours, try changing the texture of frosting, whatever.  Of course, part of this is learning to shed our fear of trying things outside of our comfort zone, but (like I always say), that’s a whole other post.
A coworker (I absolutely adore, by the way) asked me the other day to help her with her buttercream recipe (which she had discovered was not buttercream at all).  For the record, I don’t consider it cheating to put a frosting on your cupcakes that looks like buttercream, but doesn’t fit the traditional formula for buttercream – as long as it tastes good.  I’ve whipped up enough batches of “faux” buttercream enough times that I just had to look at her recipe quickly to determine where she was going wrong.  How awesome is that?  I didn’t even need to hit google to tell her what I thought would easily fix her problem (not fluffy enough, wouldn’t pipe nicely).  Two or three years ago, this would have been a big research project for me.  I’m learning.  I’m improving.  I’m excited.
That being said, another friend asked me this morning (post deadlifts), what made the “velvet” in a velvet cake.  I didn’t know.  There’s still room to learn stuff.  I’m improving over time.  I bet (and hope), that never stops.

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