Project: a la Anna

What’s so great about Anna Olson anyway?  Besides being the BB spokesbaker, what has she given us?  Sure, she has a couple tv shows, some cookbooks, a Chatelaine cover or two, and a couple spokes-gigs for milk/dairy products and cream cheese, but I mean really, are her recipes any good

The next project I’m going to embark on is intended to bring Ms. Anna down.  I’m going to do a comparison of (and I find the title offensive) the Chocolate Chip Cookie a la Anna Olson (I’m not kidding, that’s what the recipe is called!) with my precious May Long Cookies.  I’d give her Imperial Cookie recipe a whirl, but Ms. Anna hasn’t got one.  Which totally reminds me, while I was cyber-stalking Ms. Anna, I stumbled upon this recipe for Blueberry Lemon Imperial Cookies, which I am also dying to check out. 

The reason this A.O. angst is foremost in my mind is because I stumbled upon a Ms. Anna recipe in the Kraft flyer I got in my weekly flyer delivery this week (why is she everywhere, doesn’t she have enough going on?)  and I thought it might work well for my family’s Easter dinner which is coming up next week (long story, had to be delayed due to scheduling conflicts – I could go on and on about how there’s some historical significance to the day that is lost when you just pick when you celebrate it, but family time is family time and let’s leave it at that).  But really, an A.O. recipe?  Give your heads a shake, I wasn’t really considering it.

Two years ago for Easter dinner, I made a carrot cake (get it, bunnies eat carrots).  As I may have mentioned previously, Carl also eats carrots and has big ears:

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