In the Interests of Full Disclosure: I’m a Contradiction

I’m about to share a secret with you (more than one actually).  I don’t eat grains.  Not just wheat – I’m not celiac – I don’t eat ANY grains whatsoever.  They mess with me.  One piece of sandwich bread and I won’t feel right for a week.  It just isn’t worth it for me.  Now, that being said, I love to bake, and I do often taste my finished products – when I’m feeling good.  Where I’ve fallen off the wagon, and I’m really not feeling well  as a result, I convince my boys to test my treats for me.    Truth be told, it doesn’t take much to convince them.  If I could get away with never tasting what I make, I would – but that’s not going to get me to the finished product I want and that’s the price I guess I’m willing to pay.

Here’s  something else – I’m also a fitness instructor.  I teach about 7 classes a week.  Spinning, Zumba, and Group Power (which is a periodized barbell workout).  I also get my own workouts in there in addition to the classes I teach.  I spend a lot of time at the gym and  my participants often ask me about what I eat or for me to recommend lifestyle options for them related to health, healthy eating, and working out.  That can put me in a tough spot.  I want to talk about my delicious cookies and cakes, but what I end up talking about is proteins and healthy vegetables.

Eating treats should be just that – treats.  I love them.  I wouldn’t give up the smell of fresh baked cookies in my house for anything.  Cakes are about celebration (and not really about grains…shhhh).   Everything is good in moderation.

Now here’s my biggest secret of all…I don’t COOK.  Ever.  I used to cook.  When I was by myself I cooked all the time.  But then along came the ECBF and he loves to cook.  And best of all, he’s really good at it.  Sadly, I’m a terrible cook.  I don’t know what spices go with what, I don’t understand flavour palates, and I can’t slice an onion with any accuracy or beauty (I usually end up cutting myself).  I’m a disaster when it comes to cooking.  The ECBF makes me dinner every single night.  How spoiled am I?  Pretty spoiled.  I’m even more spoiled because he knows all about my weird dietary restrictions and he works around them for me.  He can eat all the grains he wants – but he doesn’t.  For me.  I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

How do I reconcile the fact that I don’t eat grains, I work out like it’s my job (see what I did there), I can’t cook, and I’m a big believer in a healthy diet and lifestyle, with the fact that I bake delicious, fat-laden and sugar-y treats and my retirement plan is to open a boutique little artisan bakery filled with them?  Not sure.  I just do.  We’re all full of contradictions, aren’t we?  What’s yours?

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