Labonte Butterscotch Pecan

I like the idea of having meaningful names for recipes I’ve developed.  The best example being the May Long Cookie.  That recipe was made one year for a May Long weekend at the cabin with family.  I don’t only make it on that particular long weekend, but for many family get togethers afterward, family and friends who were at the cabin that long weekend asked for the “May Long” cookies, and that’s how they got their name.

The blonde and the brunette have been spending quite a bit of time with our neighbour’s kids, which has been fantastic for my baking – and I had some free time today that I wouldn’t normally have, so I decided to whip up a batch of Labonte Butterscotch Pecan cookies, the idea being that I would reward the neighbour for keeping my boys busy all day (in the hopes this will continue – see what I’m doing here with the positive reinforcement?).  The Labonte got its name in a similar fashion to the May Long – I had made cookies for the guys at my car dealership, to thank them for helping me out with an especially aggravating car issue I was having – and one of the guys (whose name was Labonte), suggested I make the same recipe except substituting the milk chocolate chips for butterscotch, and the walnuts for pecans – which I did with delicious results.  And so the Labonte cookie was born.  Nevermind that I never did like the guy (and that story is a post for another time…), he had a great idea – and I’ve made this particular variation of that cookie many times, always referring to them as “The Labonte”. 

The original recipe, or the base, for the Labonte came from my ultimate inspiration blogger, Sugar Plum.  Many of my original recipes have come from her.  She may be the most significant guiding light that kept me baking when I was first starting out.  If you haven’t been to her blog, I can’t recommend it more highly.  The recipe was posted by her a while back and I can’t find it now, so it may have been archived, but I had it printed out at the time and I’ve since written many notes and details in the margin and all over it, where I’ve made my changes, ingredient switches, etc…  but the base is all hers – this is a true Sugar Plum recipe and I can’t take any credit for it.

I will one day post a picture of how I mark up my recipes.  It looks like something my english teacher would have done to an essay, but I like to keep track of what I do, so if it turns out…I can do it again.  By no means is this method foolproof.  Keeping a paper record of anything these days is rare…and easy to lose…I once had a great chocolate cake recipe that is no where to be found…

I’ll cut the digression, and instead I give you, The Labonte:

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