Cake Love: The ECBF as a Muppet

Last fall I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Vancouver to participate in the first annual Cake Love conference.  Plans are in place for Cake Love 2012.  It’s a mini course style cake conference that brought together some big names in the cake business to teach workshops to bakers and cake enthusiasts (like me) on all things cake.  I wanted to get the most out of my trip so I registered for everything and anything I could pack into the three days of the conference.  This was my schedule:

Friday, September-23

8:00 AM Anne Heap – Topsy Turvey 101

12:00 PM Becky Rink – Fondant Face Sculpting

3:00 PM Ruth Rickey – Chocolate Orchids

 Saturday, September-24

8:00 AM Lauren Kitchens – Creature Sculpting 101: Muppets

12:00 PM Becky Rink – Sculpting Basics

5:00 PM Becky Rink – Edible Jewelry

 Sunday, September-25

8:00 AM Dianne Gruenberg – Quilling Snowflake & 3D Poinsettia

11:00 AM Norman Davis/Zane Beg – Brush/Smudge Painting

By far, the highlight of the conference was my Muppet workshop with Lauren Kitchens.  If you don’t know, Lauren  was the winner of the Food Network Challenge: Muppets, and she travels to these conferences to teach “Muppetizing” to people like me.  In the three-ish hour course, we constructed our own muppetized version of someone we know.  I muppetized the ECBF.  After all, he was kind enough to travel to the conference with me and entertain himself in and around Vancouver while I was busy dealing with fondant and RKT.  Lauren has also been involved in some controversy surrounding her feelings about home bakers – a topic upon which I also have some intense feelings.  But never mind about that for right now.

Wanna see my rendition of him? Of course you do:

If you haven’t met him, it may be difficult to see the likeness, but you’ll have to trust me – this is pretty accurate. 

I’ve seen some realistic interpretations of people out of cake.  I hope I’m never asked to construct a cake like that.  I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes eating your own likeness creepy…oh wait, it’s just that – eating your own likeness is creepy.  Particularly if the cake is red velvet (you can understand why).

One of the other great things about the Cake Love conference was the trade show.  I love to shop.  I love to bake.  When there’s an entire room full of baking tools to be purchased, watch out.  I will be the first to tell you that you don’t need fancy tools to build a fantastic cake, or squares, or whatever, but they do make life a lot simpler.  When you have the right cutter, or veiner, or mould, or whatever, it saves a lot of time and energy, but that’s a post for another time.

4 thoughts on “Cake Love: The ECBF as a Muppet

  1. I was also at Cake Love last yr as a vendor, not sure if I will do it again as a vendor, but as a student, plus I want to see my friends Ruth, Peggy, Norm and Zane. Should be fun maybe I’ll see you then too!

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