Banana Bread

Banana bread was the very first thing I ever baked.  It may have been back in law school.  I had some brown bananas that I knew would be perfect, so I found a recipe and whipped up a batch.  And it was good.  I bet have made banana bread hundreds of times since. 

This weekend I had some of those beautiful brown banana bread bananas:

Only one of my boys loves banana bread like I do: the blonde.  As you may recall from an earlier post, I keep track of what the guys like with a post-it note system.  The blonde is represented by a monkey post-it note. The last time I had to use up some of these brown bananas, I don’t know how or why, but I couldn’t find my baking soda.  When I was preparing to make them this past weekend, I found the monkey post it and written on it in quotations: ‘”I like these better without whatever it is she ran out of” –the Blonde.’   Enough said. 

Back to this bread I make.  A lot of people don’t care for white chocolate.  It isn’t really chocolate, and on it’s own it has a funny taste.  It’s too sweet, or something.  Anyway, used properly, and in combination with the right ingredients, I believe it assists the recipe.  Banana bread is one of the recipes I believe is assisted by white chocolate.  When I make banana bread, I often (though not always) throw in an entire bag of white chocolate baking chips.  When you bite into the banana bread, you can’t even really tell they’re there – they just add a level of sweetness, and gooey-ness to the recipe.

This bread is so gooey, you don’t need to add butter.  Although sometimes you still want to… or is that just me….

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