Taste Test: Mug Cake

A few years ago an email circulated with a recipe for 5-minute mug cake.  It was 6 or 7 ingredients, tossed in a mug and then microwaved for 2 minutes to bake a perfect little two-person chocolate cake.  I’ve made that recipe, just to see, and it was “ok”.  I made it once or twice.  It was not bad with ice cream, but you needed the ice cream to off-set the micro-wave-y flavour of it.

Around the time I stopped eating grains, another recipe was being circulated on the internet for a similar 5-minute mug cake.  This one contained no flour but called for peanut butter (which I gave up along with grains), so I  made the switch for cashew butter, and made a couple other small modifications, and it turns out this one is pretty good.  In fact, I keep the recipe taped in the inside of my kitchen cupboard “in case of emergency”.  When I make it, I serve it with a little bit of greek yogurt on the side in lieu of ice cream and it will satisfy that craving quick.  When you need cake, you need cake, am I right?

Well I was wandering through Galen’s place not long ago (and if you’ve forgotten, and how could you, Galen’s place means “Superstore”) and what did I see on the shelf?  Dr. Oetker (they make good stuff, right?) has come out with their own version of the mug cake.  You need only add milk, stir it in a greased mug with the packet of ingredients and microwave for a couple minutes and voila – you’ve got mug cake.   What the..?  Maybe I’m crazy but if you have to run to the store to buy emergency mug cake, you might as well just buy cake.  I mean come on.

Anyway, in the interests of science, I have conducted an experiment.  A side-by side taste test: me versus Dr. Oetker.

Hypothesis?  Ummmm, mine is just as easy and contains nothing like soybean oil or anything you can’t pronounce.  So I’m going to say that I think mine will be better.  You don’t get to taste the results, but here’s our photo side-by side, so you tell me what you think:

Well the ECBF was the official “scientific” taste tester.  And I handed him his plate with one half of each on it and he immediately said, “well this one can’t be yours” after tasting…mine…gah.  We were off to a rocky start.  He gobbled up the Dr. Oetker half and picked at mine.  The shock and disappointment on my face must have given away the “blind” portion of the taste test because he immediately changed his story.  What a liar he is.   Then he said, “why don’t you just tell me which one I’m supposed to like better”.  Thanks honey.  

You win this round Dr. Oetker.

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