Left Over Key Lime Curd Problem Solved

Found something to do with that left over key lime curd I posted about the other day, Ricotta Pancakes.  Maybe I’ll give these a try this weekend and I’ll let you know.

Acronyms: Learn my Code

I’ve had a couple requests for an index of acronyms and other code used in my blog.  Here you go, in no particular order: ECBF: East Coast Boy Friend (his name is Andrew and he’s awesome). The Blonde: the 8 year-old that lives with me.  He has a very refined palate but knows what he likes. … Continue reading

Well NOW He’s Gone and Done it

I mentioned (and really, this is totally my own fault) to PDF (Mr. Fancy Scarf) that everytime I post about him, I seem to get a spike in my viewing stats. i.e. MORE people seem to log on to Tickledpink to read my blog when the blog is about HIM. Well… if that didn’t just … Continue reading

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love Picky Palate.  I read her blog all the time.  She’s one of the first baking bloggers I’ve followed.  Last year she published a recipe for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I just tried it last weekend.  I’m sorry Picky Palate.  It was an epic fail at my house.  The blonde (he’s 8) took … Continue reading

Recipe: Turtle Cheesecake

You’ve heard me complain about PDF.  Mr. Fancy Scarf.  Well he made another one of his “declarations” a couple years ago.  He claimed that I couldn’t pull together a turtle cheesecake.  Well I can. See? Now you can too: PDF’s Impromptu Turtle Cheesecake (I have no idea where the original recipe comes from but I … Continue reading

The Wilton Method

Confession time.  I’ve never taken a Wilton cake decorating course.  Gasp. I thought about it.  For a long time.  And it’s not one of those things where I said I would do something and then never got around to it (if you know me, you know I get around to things, I always do).  And I’ve … Continue reading