Married in Maui in May

What a great way to get married, right?  It made perfect sense for this couple, an Australian and a Canadian, both living in Bermuda, to have their families converge at the halfway point between the two countries, in Hawaii.  The ceremony was breathtaking – overlooking the ocean:

Wailea Golf Club

Wailea Golf Club overlooking the ocean

The bride was, as always, gorgeous. 

Traditional leis

The beautiful bride and her man

But you know me, I focus less on the fashion and more on the food.  So what I was particularly interested in was the wedding cake.

Simple but perfect

The Cake

The cake topper was a custom-made bobblehead of the couple with their dog, Max.  What a great idea.

Tom, Michelle, and of course, Max

The cake itself, although no one really said, seemed to be a traditional wedding cake soaked in something.  It was so moist and flavourful.  I regret not having taken a picture of a sliced piece.  It was the best wedding cake I have ever tasted.  No, it did not contain taro – as far as I know.  Maybe once I’ve mastered the purple bread, I’ll figure out a purple cake recipe.  Purple velvet…

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