Hawaii and Toast

Stuffed French Toast – Yes Please!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this french toast.

My mom and I go on a holiday every year together, generally someplace in the US, and primarily for the purpose of shopping.  We’ve been everywhere, Boston, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta.  This year because I was going to Maui for the wedding, I thought it would be good if she came with me and we had our trip there. 

We have a holiday tradition of ordering french toast for breakfast at least once.  It’s not something either of us makes or eats at home, ever, and it seems like a really special treat to have when we’re away – so I generally suck it up for that inevitable stomach ache and enjoy some heavenly syrup-y goodness.  Well, let me tell you, french toast in Maui is on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.  In addition to what you see listed above – imagine yummy coconut syrup in lieu of maple syrup – and you can guarantee that it’s delicious.  Well I wouldn’t know.  I didn’t order it.  For WHATEVER REASON, it just never seemed to work out.  I went all the way to Hawaii and all I got was this stinkin’ picture of a menu describing french toast.  How lame is that?

P.S.  This is the sweet bread I mentioned before, minus the taro.  I have to get my hands on a recipe.

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