Project: The Brunette’s Birthday 1/2

The Brunette turned 12 two weeks ago and I always make whatever the guys want for their birthday cake.  He showed me a picture of a cartoon character that he wanted, and I was all set to go with ingredients and a baking plan for the big weekend.  The day before his actual birthday, on our way home from school, he abruptly advised me that he’d rather decorate his own cake.  Well.  Hmph.

While the guys were at archery on the big day with their cousin (a skilled cake decorator – with training, I might add – at 8), I quickly scurried over to Bulk Barn to pick up a few things.  Some pre-made icing (thanks Wilton) and a bunch of sprinkles and candy (thanks Bulk Barn).  I set up a decorating station at the kitchen table and gave each of the three of them their own cakes to decorate.  I was not going to let this phase me.  You think you can do a better job than me kid?  Let’s see about that.

The cousin chose to cover hers in fondant:

Bowling Alley theme – awesome

The other two don’t care much for fondant (rather, they eat it before it gets to the cake), but both did a tremendous decorating job.

The Blonde’s Cake

The ECBF wanted to take a picture of them, and when he got to the brunette’s – was told “no dad, you’ve got it upside down!”.  Whoops. 

This is right-side up

When the brunette has his official “friends” party – I will get to show my decorating prowess.  Stay tuned for that post.

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