Acronyms: Learn my Code

I’ve had a couple requests for an index of acronyms and other code used in my blog.  Here you go, in no particular order:

ECBF: East Coast Boy Friend (his name is Andrew and he’s awesome).

The Blonde: the 8 year-old that lives with me.  He has a very refined palate but knows what he likes.

The Brunette: the 12 year-old that lives with me.  He’s picky, not a huge fan of chocolate, and the sweeter the better.

Galen: Galen Weston Jr.  The adorable CEO of Loblaw’s, my future-ex-husband and business partner, all-round good guy.  When I say “I’m going to Galen’s” – it means I’m going to Superstore.

BB: Bulk Barn.  The mecca.  We love this store.  LOVE IT.

PDF: We won’t use his real name here.  He’s also known as Mr. Fancy Scarf.

Ms. Anna, or A.O.: Anna Olson.  She’s my spokesbaker competition.  She’s got a few spokesbaker gigs.  I vow to take her down.  It’s a purely professional threat, I’m sure she’s actually a really nice lady.

Mr. Toothy Shark: My very epic fail of a birthday cake for the Blonde a couple years ago.  It was bad.  Very bad.  The pictures will never be posted. 

We use acronyms for everything at my house.  I think the ECBF and I can have entire conversations in letters only.   Which comes in handy now that the Blonde and the Brunette can both spell.  They may be able to spell, but they’re terrible at acronyms.

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