I had a cake to do last weekend.  It’s taken me some time to get over whatever it was that happened that night, which is why I haven’t posted all week. When I have a weekend cake project, I usually pull an all-nighter the Friday night.  I work during the day, try to cut out … Continue reading

Peanut Butter

Did you know peanut butter expires? How did that happen. I can’t believe it’s Sunday night and I have no non-sweat-sock smellling peanut butter to make cookies with. Instead I am boiling my newly acquired taro root.  Taro bread is in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Project: Potato Chip Cookies

Remember that chocolate bar, Cuban Lunch?  I make a knock-off cuban lunch “treat” at Christmas.  It’s delicious.  I heard Ace and Chrissy Troy talking about the need to bring back this chocolate bar during the morning drive to work and googled it to see if I can find a recipe and guess what I found?  A church cookbook posted … Continue reading

Project: Butterfinger Brownies

On Wednesday I told you about my butterfinger brownies.  These were somewhat Galen inspired (I love you Galen).  I didn’t adequately adjust my time in the oven for the reduced size of the brownie so I fear that the brownie base of these bad boys was overdone.  That being said, I was having a conversation … Continue reading

Tools: Mini Cheesecake Pan

I’ve blogged about Picky Palate before.  She posted a recipe a couple years ago that required a mini cheesecake pan.  I had to get one.  I can’t recall now what the recipe was, but I’ve used the heck out of that pan.  Recently, while I was hanging out at Galen’s place, I found an even … Continue reading

PDF Plea for Pastry

The nerve. PDF asked if I could do his son’s birthday cake. For Friday. No big deal, just something Star Wars. Stuff it scarf boy.

Butter Carnage

Wanna know why I label my butter? I’ve posted about this before.  I went to grab a pound of butter (unsalted of course) yesterday and want to know what I found?  See for yourself: I love the ECBF I really do.  He just can not help himself when it comes to hacking up my beautiful sticks … Continue reading