Happy Canada Day

Canada Day might be the true beginning of my love of baking.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve baked a cake for Canada’s Birthday.  Ok, not baked.  I made that wafer and whipped cream cake, you know the one, where you stick a bunch of chocolate wafers together with whipped cream and then the wafers absorb the cream and go soft and it turns into this lovely chocolate cake?  Well I’ve made that cake as a Canada Day tradition for as far back as I can remember.

Three years ago I made Canada Day cupcakes for the blonde and the brunette.

This year we celebrated Canada Day a little differently.

My brother’s lovely wife, Shannon, and of course her twin sister, Wendy, have a birthday close to Canada Day.  This year we went over to their place for a birthday dinner and I brought the cake.  Shannon specifically requested something with my strawberry buttercream (which she loves) and she wanted something chocolate.  I whipped up a six layer chocolate cake, using a whipped strawberry filling between the layers and topped it all off with my strawberry buttercream.  Nothing went right while making this cake.  It somehow grew lopsided as I was making it, the heat of the day (and my completely innefficient air conditioning) made for some droopy buttercream, but we got it there in one piece.  What it lacked in beauty it more than made up for in taste. 

I was texting my cake nemesis throughout the process, moaning and groaning from minute one about how nothing was working in my favour.  It all started with the fact that I somehow had run out of vegetable oil – one of the key ingredients in my heavenly chocolate fudge cake recipe.  What do I have a lot of? Coconut oil.  Hey, if you can’t experiment on family, who can you experiment on.  I swapped the oils, cup for cup and hoped for the best.  Well lucky me – it tasted fabulous.  I will definitely be doing that again.

The swiss merengue strawberry buttercream I had planned was a ukrainian failure.   I had planned to fill the cake with it – instead tossing it in the garbage and opting for a whipped strawberry mixture.  Luckily, the ECBF had stocked the freezer with frozen strawberries so I could afford to ditch the icky merengue buttercream and not lose a step.  Also a big win.  The dense fudg-y cake absorbed the cream and became even fudgier.  Delicious failure.

Although the heat plagued my kitchen all day, it still looked alright and when we cut into it – it was indeed a big win in the taste department.  Phew.  Crisis averted.

2 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

    • Thank you! I have to say I was hesitant on the chocolate and strawberry combo, but it worked well. Because it was Shannon’s idea, we’ve named that cake after her.

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