Tools: Mini Cheesecake Pan

I’ve blogged about Picky Palate before.  She posted a recipe a couple years ago that required a mini cheesecake pan.  I had to get one.  I can’t recall now what the recipe was, but I’ve used the heck out of that pan.  Recently, while I was hanging out at Galen’s place, I found an even smaller version of the same pan (not the one pictured).

Galen knows me so well, you know?  Shortly after the adorable cheesecake pan discovery, I came upon these mini-peanut butter cup chips.  Fantastic, right? 

Cut to Saturday night, I was in the pantry looking for something to satisfy my sweet tooth and came upon a bag of mini Butterfingers.  I grabbed my cheesecake pans on my way back upstairs (I store all my baking tools in the basement where my old kitchen cabinets have been mounted – I told you, Helen, this home’s previous owner, was a smart cookie).

So… what do you get when you combine the deliciousness of Butterfinger, Galen’s adorable mini-peanut butter cups, and a mini cheesecake pan?  Very little, actually.  BUT, once you add some eggs, flour, butter, and a couple other ingredients you get MINI BUTTERFINGER  BROWNIES.  I will post them a little later this week.

2 thoughts on “Tools: Mini Cheesecake Pan

  1. I have to say …I don’t bake, in fact I CAN’T bake but I LOVE reading your blog. I’ll watch for the post re: Mini Butterfinger Brownie’s, they sound like the perfect cheat day treat 🙂

    • I love that you love reading my blog. And they are a “cheat WEEK” treat. The ECBF has been plowing through them for about 4 days straight. They’re only a bite, right? That makes it ok? Right?

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