Project: Potato Chip Cookies

Remember that chocolate bar, Cuban Lunch? 

I make a knock-off cuban lunch “treat” at Christmas.  It’s delicious.  I heard Ace and Chrissy Troy talking about the need to bring back this chocolate bar during the morning drive to work and googled it to see if I can find a recipe and guess what I found?  A church cookbook posted online from a church pretty much next door to the house I grew up in, and the best cuban lunch recipe ever.  Seriously, if you’re looking for a fun and delicious treat to make, there is nothing easier than this.

I was getting my hair did last week and flipping through a Martha Stewart magazine.  She listed a recipe for Potato Chip Cookies.  This intrigued me.  Salty and sweet are a favourite combination of mine and the cuban lunch is exactly that.  Ironically, I was headed home from the gym on Sunday and decided to stop and pick up a bag of chips.  This is where things get a little sketchy on these cookies.  I let the Sobey’s points dictate which brand of chips I bought (dumb, I know).  Walking out of the store with my Our Compliments potato chips I knew I had made a mistake.  All the way through the store I was repeating to myself, “Lays Lays Lays Lays” but then I saw the green sticker that screamed out “30 Points” and gah, I succumbed to my inner-couponer and got the store brand.  They’re not as salty as Lays, as it turns out.

Martha’s recipe is a basic cookie with the potato chips both in the batter as well as a coating around the cookie.  She incorporates toasted pecans.  Pecans always make me think of butterscotch.  Butterscotch always makes me think of cuban lunch… and the secret ingredient of cuban lunch is potato chips… so… a plan was hatched.  I substituted some of the pecans for a handful of butterscotch chips and semi-sweet, and slightly modified the dough to accomodate the extra (non potato) chips.

If I make these again, they need to be both saltier and sweeter but overall a successful experiment.

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