In the Interests of Full Disclosure: Purple Buns Take 1

Finally I got around to picking up some Taro. The blonde had a hankering for some hot pot so it was my excuse to head over to the Lucky Super Market on McPhillips. If you’ve never been there, and you live in Winnipeg, I recommend a trip. If you have a need for a pig’s head, or 1000 pre-pealed garlic cloves, then this is the place for you. They also have all sorts of great vegetables and fruit that are sometimes difficult to track down in any of the other supermarkets in town. Galen and I are still in a fight since the Lalaloopsy RKT-strophe otherwise I would have found my way to the St. James Superstore where I know I would have been able to find some taro.

Anyway, I found it. I brought it home and I made my poi, one of the key ingredients to taro sweet bread. Making the poi was easy and foolproof. You boil it, skin and all, for about 40 minutes. Then you peel it, chop it coarsely and food process the hell out of it. My food processor is actually a (get this) Braun Multipractic. Remember those? I won it at a social (get this) about 4 years ago. So I figure the Braun Multipractic went out of production about 15 years ago. And judging by the box-art – this model was from about 5 years before the end of production. Interestingly, when my brother and sister-in-law had their wedding social my mom dug out a whole bunch of crap from our basement for them to add to their silent auction prizes. Nothing as good as a brand new Braun Multipractic. I was thrilled to win this thing and I have to tell you, for someone who has made it this far without ever owning a food processor, I love it and use it a lot for all sorts of things however, this is a post for another time.

If you’ve googled Hawaiian taro sweet bread recipes, you’ll know there’s not that much info out there. I was going off of a recipe from a tourism website.  I’m not sure if the recipe was the problem, but we’re going to assume for right now that it was.  It didn’t specify the type of flour, and unlike all the other measurements, it called for a weight measurement for the flour.  So I had to do a little guesstimating (which, for the record, you should never do with flour).  Having already decided the recipe might be faulty, and taking a glance at my purple-ish poi, I also decided that the purple food colouring was not necessary (and kinda cheating).


The buns lacked that Christian Grey purpl-ish quality that I was so looking forward to.  They were decidedly un-purple buns.  The taste, I’m happy to report, was bang on, but the texture – not right at all.  I wish I had a photo, but as I mentioned in my last post – I left my camera at the lake this past long weekend.  You know what?  It’s for the best – un-purple buns are no fun to look at.   I’m not sure where I’m going with this.  Shades of Grey ruined my life.  That is all.

So…take 1 was a failure.  Stay tuned for further attempts.  Like most things at the Lucky Supermarket, Taro was inexplicably cheap, and not being able to ever resist the allure of a great deal, I stocked up.  So there are plenty of purple bun attempts in my future.

A footnote on the Manitoba Social:

For those of you not from Winnipeg, a social is (what Winnipeger’s may prefer to believe is) a uniquely Manitoban phenomenon. We all get together at a community club or similar venue, we buy tickets, the proceeds of which go to whomever is “throwing” the social, and there is also often a silent auction or door draw of some kind, the proceeds of which also go to whomever is throwing the social. Typically social hosts are couples about to be married and raising money for a honeymoon or wedding expenses, sometimes socials benefit sports teams fundraising for a tournament, etc.. etc…

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