Whipped Coconut Milk

Have you ever whipped coconut milk?  Did you know it whips almost just like whipped cream?  Take a can of coconut milk (full fat variety – none of this “lite” business) and stick it in the fridge overnight (or for at least 5 hours).  Open the can and carefully spoon out the thickened coconutty goodness from the top.  Leave the water – or drink it, or use it in something else if you like.  Take that spooned stuff and whip it in your mixer for about 3 minutes.

I like to add a packet of Splenda.  If you don’t love the artificial sweeteners, some honey or agave syrup is good stuff.

You can melt a little dark chocolate and stir it in, to make a yummy chocolate coconut pudding.  My preference is to toss a cup of frozen berry blend in the microwave until it turns into a syrup and pour that over top.  So delicious.

Coconut milk is super good for you, with all kinds of nutritional and other benefits.

Just a little tip from me to you.

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