Tools: Surprise Pan

Without my camera I’m the worst blogger ever.

I don’t know when I’ll ever see it again.  The last thing I left at the lake (my favourite pillow) I didn’t see for almost 2 years.  It turned up in my nephew’s bed.  I have no idea where the camera will turn up, but here’s hoping it stays dry, and the pictures that are already on there are safe!

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about my latest purchase.  I wouldn’t normally post about a favourite tool without having used it first, but umm…this is so awesome there’s no way it won’t become one of my favourite pans.  I plan to use it tonight. 

The Surprise Pan (made by Chicago Metallic – one of my favourite pan suppliers) is ingenious.  Take a look here.

I don’t have a problem filling cupcakes or anything else for that matter.  I have a knack for getting gooey stuff inside cake-y stuff.  But this is different.  By spiking the filling onto the spike, it will stay perfectly suspended in the baked goody, which is a very good thing because often whatever it is you’re using as filling sinks to the bottom of the batter before the baking time is done. 

Examples of things I would stuff (is it just me or is that phrase weird?): cube of cream cheese, olive (in a savoury bun, for example), peanut butter cups (like it shows on the wrapper for the pan), maraschino cherries, the list goes on…

What will I try first?  Not sure, gonna head to Galen’s and see how the mood strikes me.  Stay tuned for an update!

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