Waffles – Grain Free Edition

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all gluten-free on you.  There are much more capable and talented gluten-free bloggers for you to follow, if you’re so inclined.  Ditch the Wheat is one of these bloggers, but I’ll get to her in a minute.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m not into grains.  I love to bake, I believe treats are good for the soul, but they happen to mess with my stomach.  That shouldn’t stop the rest of you from enjoying them.  However, I tried this great waffle recipe last weekend and I wanted to share it with you – if you were wanting to try something a little different.

I modified the original recipe slightly to swap out the flax seed (which I don’t normally eat) for coconut flour (which I do).  When you make that swap, keep in mind that the recipe is no longer low carb.  All of these things can easily be picked up at the Bulk Barn.  I also want to note there’s a minor typo in the recipe – you should use a 1/4 cup of coconut milk.  Not the thick buttery stuff that I talked about in my post about whipped coconut milk either, this has to be the runny stuff (non-refrigerated – just straight out of the can).  If you want to use the thick stuff, you’ll have to add a little milk (then the recipe is no longer non-dairy).

If I had my stinkin’ camera, I’d show you a picture.  They aren’t the most gorgeous waffles, but they were delicious.

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