Tools: Surprise! Surprise Pan

So I finally got my camera back and decided to celebrate with FINALLY using that surprise pan I posted about here

Even better than that – I had some brown bananas and so thought to kill two birds with one stone – and make banana muffins.  So what’s the surprise?  What goes better with bananas than peanut butter.  The answer is nothing.  Try to keep up, wouldja? 

Brown bananas+peanut butter cups=muffin-y goodness.  Or are they cupcakes…  still working through that one myself – you should go and check out my post on the difference.

The surprise pan (by Chicago Metallic) is now available ALL over the place.  I was doing some research about it and came upon (what I believe to be a super neat thing), the invention of it.  Have you heard of Inventionland?  You really gotta check out the website: Inventionland,  and read about how this pan was invented.  The ECBF and I came up with a great invention.  I won’t tell you what it is, because you’ll totally steal it, like when my mom had too many drinks at a party and accidentally let slip her idea of a box that’s separate from the TV, that would allow you to change channels without getting up.  Sure enough, not a few months later, someone had taken her idea and made a gazillion dollars with it.  Just think, I could have been the remote control heiress.  Gah.

Back to the peanut butter surpise banana muffins:

First you line the cups.  You need to push the paper over the spikes, which is easy enough.  Then, you use the spikes to, well, spike, your treat to stay in the middle of the batter.  For these, I spiked two mini peanut butter cups.

Next, you pour your batter over top of the spiked treat.

Then you bake.  Easy as that.

When I sliced them down the middle, you can see the peanut butter right through the center.  I think the combination of salty and sweet in this muffin was perfect and I’d definitely do this again.  My banana bread (that I converted to muffins) is not too sweet, but the chocolate in the peanut butter cups evened that out.

I’m going to post a little later about what you do with the extra batter when it doesn’t quite work out for your 12 cup muffin tin.

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