Sneaky-Cheater Puree-a-thon

So if you followed my last post you’ll know that the next few are about the controversial topic of lying to your children about vegetable consumption.  It wasn’t hard to convince the ECBF that we needed to puree the heck out of a bunch of vegetables in order to get the guys to eat them.  He was fully on board.  We went to see Galen, and stocked up on everything we needed.  About a hundred pounds of vegetables (ok, not that much), and then we set to work chopping, steaming, and then blending them.

Actually – it was a lot of fun.

Yup, that’s the multipractic food processor I blogged about here.  Anyway, we made four of the purees The Sneaky Chef recommends, a green, a purple, a white, and an orange.

I stored them in plastic bags and containers for freezing, in the portion sizes we would require when using them, so that it would be  a simple thing to quickly dump the vegetables into the recipe when the guys weren’t looking.  It’s important to us that we keep this thing covert – the ECBF doesn’t want us “blowing the lid off of the whole operation”.  Besides, we’re kind of having fun with it.

Here’s the end result of an hour and a bit of our puree-a-thon extravaganza:

In these packages, which we’ll use over the next 10 or so days:

5 cups of spinach

1-1/2 cups blueberries

2 cups broccoli

1 cup peas

1 sweet potato

2 large carrots

4 cups cauliflower

2 large zucchinis

Not bad, huh?  If successful, the guys will eat about half of that in the next week and a bit (the ECBF and I have to eat too).  Fingers crossed this goes without a hitch.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Sneaky-Cheater Puree-a-thon

  1. Have you tried the Jessica Seinfeld cookbooks – Deceptively Delicious and Double Delicious – they are full of recipes using veg purees.

    • I am on to Jessica Seinfeld. I have tried a couple of her recipes. My feeling so far is that she’s less about the sneakiness of it. Some of her recipes are just a bit too…obvious…for my guys. For example, they were pretty sure there was something funny in the macaroni and cheese (it was cauliflower). I did try her brownies though. I will post about those in the next few days…stay tuned and thanks for the tip!

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