Wanna hear about a cake fail?

Oh my.  So for the past few days we’ve been experimenting with Operation: Vegetables *I’m working on a better name don’t worry*.   Well The Sneaky Chef gets a little bit excited about the vegetables in her baking.   So… I promised the blond I would make brownies and I figured – here’s my opportunity to give this vegetable baking a shot.  The recipe called for a brownie mix and I had a yummy peanut butter brownie mix handy in the pantry.  It also called for some of the green puree, which is broccoli and spinach combined, with some peas as well.  The other switcheroo in the recipe is to replace some of the brownie mix with wheat germ (we used kamut flour instead).

Yeah.  No.

Vegetables have no place in brownies.  Not now, not ever.

To be fair, if I had smothered the top of them with a peanut butter frosting or some other masking device to try to detract from the flavour (or lack thereof) and texture of the brownie, they might have been ok.  But then I would be undoing whatever benefits we’d be getting from having the vegetables in there in the first place.  Incidentally, the blond says he liked them (but he’s polite like that and probably would have said it no matter what). 

I packed up a couple to take to the office the next day and the ECBF literally BEGGED me not to bring any.  He was worried that they were SO AWFUL that he thought I’d ruin my cred.  I think my cred is intact, but some of my coworkers liked them, one spit it into his garbage can, whatever, the taste isn’t for everybody.  My feelings weren’t hurt – this recipe was a fail.

4 thoughts on “Wanna hear about a cake fail?

  1. I did that thing where you make chocolate cupcakes (from a mix) and replace all the wet stuff with a can of pumpkin. (Yeah, that’s a thing.) They were well received… even by those who were in on the trickery.

  2. Maybe try something a bit more neutral tasting such as carrot or butternut squash puree? It’s got a bit of natural sweetness to it, whereas I think spinach and broccoli can taste pretty strong!

    • Get this though – it wasn’t the TASTE – it was the TEXTURE. And besides that, if you’ve ever tried the Sneaky Chef green puree – you’d know it doesn’t taste like ANYTHING at all. The spinach and the broccoli somehow cancel eachother out – it’s fascinating. What I need to do is figure out how to frost those suckers, bake them a little longer maybe, and get the texture to somehow be less…spongey. Ick Ick Ick. But you’re right, we’re definitely trying the orange puree (which is carrot and sweet potato) next time.

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