Vegetable Frappaccino Anyone?

The guys often want Starbucks.  They both like the strawberry smoothie-type drinks there.  So I was thinking about it and figured, better than the cereal they ask for every morning, why not make them a smoothie.  I have one of those mini-blenders, it should be relatively easy to accomplish first thing – and it will allow me to sneak in some of the vegetables into yet another meal of the day.

Frozen Strawberries

Greek Yogurt


Blueberry and Spinach puree

agave syrup to sweeten and a little bit of protein powder

The ones in the picture turned out a little more purple than usual (I maybe got a little excited with the blueberry spinach mixture I guess) so I told them they were “berry smoothies” instead of strawberry.  I’m getting really good at this lying stuff.  They drank them up.  This is definitely a do again.  Next week I’m going to try to get some of the carrots and sweet potato into the smoothie.  Stay tuned on how that works out for me.

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