Funky Chicken Fail Turned Fabulous

We had decided on the Sneaky Chef pulled chicken on a bun recipe for the slow cooker.  Slow cookers are a big help on soccer night.  However, when we went to put the chicken in that morning – it was a little funky.  Not sure why, but there was no way I was cooking that.  You don’t mess around with a funky chicken.

What I did have, in lieu of chicken, were some italian sausages.  Very mild, and the guys seem to like them just fine, so we tossed them in instead.

The balance of the recipe was a bunch of pureed vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, cauliflower, zucchini), some tomato paste and some bbq sauce, together with the meat. 

The ECBF thinks this is one of the best slow cooker dinners we’ve made.  Served on some rice (the sauce was to die for), it made for a simple and hearty dinner.  Plus, it was packed with vegetables and the meal was stress-free.  Win Win.  Another point for KK. 

For sure it tasted better than it looked.  As an aside, we saved the leftover sauce to do up with meatballs a little later in the week.  Wait til you hear about these meatballs.

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