Thank You Muffins

I did a favour for one of my coworkers recently and she thanked me in the best way possible – she baked me a container of muffins.  Pumpkin muffins to be exact.  How delightful!! She then did the thank you one better – she gave me the recipe!  I love that!  The recipe is one … Continue reading

Pink: It’s a State of Mind

How is that a colour can evoke so much emotion, so much… opinion from so many people? Think about it.  If a guy says his favourite colour is blue, it’s one thing – but he absolutely can not say pink is his favourite colour without enduring teasing and jokes from his cohort.  A family could … Continue reading

The Pumpkin Saga Continues

In order to continue the pumpkin theme, I decided to check out my favouritest (it’s a word, ok?) blogger, Sugar Plum to see what she’s cooked up pumpkin-wise.  One of my favourite pictures on her blog is of the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  Seriously, if you’ve never checked out Sugar Plum – she’s awesome.  Currently she’s … Continue reading

Recipe: Ginger Snaps

We’re getting closer to Christmas.  Can you believe it?  Ugh.  I can’t even begin to deal with that.  That being said, I managed to whip together some ginger snaps this weekend after a short visit to my home turf (Bulk Barn) where I picked up some candied ginger.  You see, the candied ginger is the secret to … Continue reading

Pumpkin Season is Here

Secret time. I had not one but two cans of pumpkin in my pantry from last year. Unlike what my mom used to tell us, canned goods do not last forever. After confirming I had about a week left to use those suckers, I set about finding a recipe or two in which to use … Continue reading