Meat Balls

I have to preface this post by saying – I thought these meatballs were gross.  Like super gross.  But if you saw my post about the funky chicken – you know that we had some sauce left over and the ECBF thought it would go fabulous with the Sneaky Chef meatballs we made.

The meatballs are hilarious – typical meatballs but the kicker is, there’s a serving of vegetables in them.  I think the guys will eat them up, just like every other sneaky thing we’ve made them this past week and a bit.  Fingers are crossed anyway.  AND even better?  We’ve got a whackload of veggies in the sauce too.  It is totally wrong that I’m enjoying completely this?  Meh.



One thought on “Meat Balls

  1. So far I’ve made the purple and orange purees from the Sneaky Chef! Thank you for the tips KK! I used the purple puree in a smoothie and the orange puree in a big chocolate chip cookie. Worked great! The funny thing is my little guy helped me make the cookie and even knew what was in the orange puree…he still ate the cookie and my daughter even ate the cookie dough before baking. The other great thing is that the dough had a mixture of whole wheat, white flour and ground flax. Now to try sneaking the healthy purees into other foods! If only I could convince my son to TRY some different foods in which I could hide the healthy stuff. Maybe with time!

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