Mac and Cheese was almost our undoing

We got cocky.

There I said it.

Mac and Cheese?  Of course they love it.  What kid doesn’t think noodles and cheese is possibly the best food combination ever? 

Yeah.  Well we got cocky.  Sneaky Chef baked mac and cheese – I was such a fool.  We only had penne noodles.  That was mistake number one.  I figured, “they’re pasta – it’s the same thing right?”.  Apparently not.  But that’s not even the worst of it.  The ECBF put this thing together because I was stuck at work late – penne noodles, layered with cheese, more noodles, more cheese, a milk/vegetable/egg mixture gets poured over top – then you bake it til it’s golden and bubbly.  Sounds dreamy!

Operation: Vegetable hit a snag.  We were so thrilled with our vegetable successes so far that we went to excess, tossing in way more than the required purees.   The blond – who claims that cauliflower gives him nightmares and refuses to eat it – took a bite and exclaimed that there was something wrong with it.  Well obviously, it contained a whole bunch of cauliflower.  Eeep.  The ECBF is way quicker with the diversion tactics than I am, because all I could do was shake my head and look confused, said “oh it must be the egg we put in it, we won’t do that next time”.  The blond shrugged and kept eating.  The mac and cheese was not a success.  Everybody ate some, but no one was excited about it like we’d really hoped.  We’ll try it again – but, umm, next time we won’t be so damn sure of ourselves.  Our cover was nearly blown.

One thought on “Mac and Cheese was almost our undoing

  1. Postscript: I have been reminded by the ECBF that the blond’s actual words were, “Egg? Oh, ok, at least it isn’t something gross like cauliflower.”

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