Pink: It’s a State of Mind

How is that a colour can evoke so much emotion, so much… opinion from so many people?

Think about it.  If a guy says his favourite colour is blue, it’s one thing – but he absolutely can not say pink is his favourite colour without enduring teasing and jokes from his cohort.  A family could paint the trim of their house any colour they wanted, but not pink – because the neighbours might think it’s odd.  You don’t ever see a pink car, or a pink boat.  Little boys don’t colour with pink markers.  What the heck is with the stereotyping of pink?

Well I’m going to say it loud and proud (and it’s ok, because I’m a girl), pink is my favourite colour.  It has been for a long time.  Pink, or Pinky, has been my nickname forever (*has a lot to do with my last name), and my general rule of thumb for shopping is, if it’s pink buy it.

Pink things make me happy.  That is all.

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