Thank You Muffins

I did a favour for one of my coworkers recently and she thanked me in the best way possible – she baked me a container of muffins.  Pumpkin muffins to be exact.  How delightful!!

She then did the thank you one better – she gave me the recipe!  I love that!  The recipe is one of those community club or church cookbook recipes that are always great – but more about that in another post…

Tonight I baked my own batch of these wonderfully moist and delicious pumpkin muffins (it’s the thank you that keeps on thanking you…or something like that) and I was smiling the whole time.  What a wonderful and simple way to tell someone you’re thankful for them, and so much better than the usual (in this decade anyway) practice of sending a quick email.  Right?

Wow, these muffins are great.  I may play around with the recipe just a little bit, because it contains canola oil, and I find that oil based muffins can often be re-done with butter or coconut oil with great results.   She made hers with raisins, which I replaced with walnuts, but I kept the chocolate chips.  Pumpkin walnut and chocolate chip – great combination if I do say so myself.  Note the Edible Arrangements mug in the background?  That’s another great way to thank someone (gratuitous shout out – they aren’t paying me for this spot), fruit?  Heck yeah!  Who doesn’t love a big batch of fruit?  That’s up there with muffins, in my humble (and often gluten-free) opinion.

I can’t reprint the recipe as I’m not entirely sure of the source, but once I’m done tweaking it, I promise to put it on here.  Anyway, I wish I had someone to thank with these guys – actually, I guess there’s always someone to thank.  I’m bringing them in to the office, to thank everyone who helps me do my job everyday.

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