Hallowe’en and Hobbies

I had a super interesting conversation with an old friend this weekend.  He asked me if I wanted to open a bakery and do this thing full time.

What makes the question interesting is that he has a super talent too (not that my baking is a super-talent  but it’s something other than what I DO, just like his singing is something other than what he DOES but it’s something that he is super duper good at).  We choose other professions to make our living, but we both have these other possibilities – and we dabble.  So I know he knows, you know?

But this is something I’ve definitely thought about.  And I have an answer.  Ok, I have two answers.

So the short answer, first, is – no.

The long answer is, not right now.  I like my day job.  When I’m done liking it, maybe I’ll try this baking thing on for size.  Why can’t this be my retirement plan?  You know, when I’m tired of working in an office all day, I’ll trade in my notary seal for a spatula and open up my treats shop.   But then I started thinking about why everyone seems to want to ask me that question – are you going to do baking full time?  Why are people so resistant to the idea of  having a hobby?   I had a meeting with one of my work advisors the other day and he told me that his impression was that he thought that maybe the law thing was just tiding me over until I found something else to do.  If I could do something else, why didn’t I just do that?  Why is that we believe we have to focus on only one thing at a time?   Then it occurred to me that not very many people have true hobbies anymore.   I think that’s sad.  If you’re reading this – chances are you have an interest in something other than what you do to pay the mortgage.  And I think that’s great.  We need to have a broader focus – something to look forward to that isn’t our job so that when our job is sucky – we have something else.  It’s part of a healthy coping mechanism.

So the hobby means that I bake for people.  I can’t eat all this stuff myself.

That brings us back to the butterfingers.  In conjunction with the push to rid this house of all things Hallowe’en candy, I baked a big batch of May Longs this weekend.  I’ve managed to distribute them well so far (only eating a handful myself – ugh), gave out a bag full to the snow clearing guys this afternoon, a little box to my aforementioned superhobby-friend, and bag fulls to the snow tire guys.  Cookies make people happy.  Getting rid of Hallowe’en candy makes me happy.

As a general rule, if you’re looking to get rid of those teensy tiny chocolate bars that plague you for a couple weeks after the big day, then you can absolutely whip up a batch of your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe for your snow guy, or your snow tire guy, or whomever, and simply replace the called for chocolate chips with an equivalent amount of chopped up chocolate bar.  Butterfinger works great for this purpose, but so does Crispy Crunch, Crunchie (an underrated one if you ask me), Kit Kat, or whatever.

The crispy burnt edges – those are the best part of these cookies.  Cripsy chewy butterfinger-y goodness.

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