New Toys

Santa was really good to me this year.  Well, more specifically, the boys were really good to me.  They always get me the best, over-the-top Birthday and Christmas presents.  This year was definitely the year of electronics – I made out with an iPad AND my new baby: A Nikon D5100. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I am, by … Continue reading

Penguin Cookies

One of the best things about having a 9 year old is the announcement at bedtime that he promised his teacher you could bake 48 purple penguin-shaped cookies for the next day at school. Good thing he gave me enough time.  Too bad he knew about it for 2 weeks beforehand. This is what I … Continue reading

Green Muffins – yes you read that right

Those are some green muffins. If you recall, a while back I had a series of posts about what I feed my guys (and more importantly, what they think I feed them).  One of the purees I posted about was the green puree.  One of my work colleagues, Veggiemama – has employed a similar covert … Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2012

Well we managed to pull it off.  The ECBF and I decided that to save ourselves the hassle of buying Christmas presents this year, instead we’d take the blond and brunette to Disney World.  That last sentence is tongue in cheek.  Of course no hassle is saved. We managed to plan and plot for a … Continue reading

Recipe: Rugelach Pinwheels

We got onto the rugelach from the ECBF’s good friend Dr. Long.  We didn’t have these at my house growing up, but I remember my step-dad bringing home something similar from his favourite bagel place on the weekends.  The ECBF had one of Dr. Long’s creations and insisted I try to recreate (or improve upon) this fantastic dessert. … Continue reading

Pink: Adorable

Pink things make me happy.  Carl makes me happy.  Carl is not pink.  But his collar is.

Recipe: “Chex” Mix

Not long ago, I posted about the Scattered Seeds Craft Show.  I love that craft show.  One of the booths that is a must-visit for me is the Tasty Tidbits lady.  These little spice packets are meant to be used for dips or cheese balls, but I’ve found a handy use for them all on … Continue reading