Time Management Gone Crazy

Well now I suppose I’ve gone and done it.  I haven’t been blogging much lately because life has gotten a little out of hand.

Sometimes that happens, right?  You can’t sweat the small stuff, and when life gets in the way your priorities have to go in order.  So, for me, the blog is way down on the list, slightly ahead of getting a pedicure, and slightly behind getting my eyebrows waxed (I’m Ukrainian – we’re hairy).  All kidding aside (no seriously, Ukrainians are hairy people), work has been busy, the guys have been busy with swimming and volleyball and everything else, and the ECBF has been busy with his business – so… blogging has fallen out to the bottom of the list, along with sleeping and eating well.

So where I really get messed up – is the holidays.  I like to bake (duh, you’re reading my blog, you KNOW this) and Christmas has to be the biggest baking holiday of the year.  Well it’s already a couple weeks away and I haven’t even started.  That’s a lie, I started a month ago, but then I needed those cookies for something else.  Back to square one I went. 

Today my friends, today is a great day.  I don’t have to work, the ECBF and the guys are out of the house, and there’s a Law & Order marathon happening on my PVR.  I have almost everything I need (subject to a short trip out in the snow to the store for some last minute items), and the butter is coming to room temp on the counter.  Yes, yes I think today is a great day to bake. 

On the short list for today:

Whipped Shortbread (recipe to follow)
“Chex” mix (my style, recipe to follow)
Rugelach Pinwheel cookies (modified from a couple different favourite bloggers)
Cuban Lunch (yup, you remember this one)
Caramel Popcorn

If I have time:

Mars Bar Slice (tried and true but we’ve changed the name and I’ll explain that later)
BTS (I will explain what that stands for another time)
Ambrosia Macaroons (sans Ambrosia)

Wish me luck!

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