Caramel Popcorn

I tried making caramel popcorn for the first time this year.  We love our popcorn here.  I make it in the wok.  We call it wok-corn.  I put a couple TBSP of coconut oil in the wok, add the kernels and put a lid on it.  In a few minutes we have the yummiest, most tender popcorn ever.  We love it with butter and salt.

Caramel popcorn can’t be that hard, right?

I found a recipe online.  My friend Florence promised me her recipe that she swears is awesome (although she has yet to bring me any – cough, cough).  Anyway, I didn’t get the recipe, but I wanted to try it, so to the iPad I went.  Found a whole bunch of recipes, all very similar, and I just picked one.  Basically, you make your popcorn, you make your caramel mixture, and then you combine them and bake it.

I did that.

Caramel Popcorn

While I was wondering why it was so flippin’ difficult to do, I was perusing some of the comments on the recipe website.  Boy, I wish I had read those first.  The tips the cooks posted were fantastic.  Some of them were:

– put the dry popcorn in the oven for a few minutes before adding the caramel, it’s easier to coat warm popcorn than cold.

– halve the amount of butter.

– pick out the kernels before coating the popcorn (duh, but I totally didn’t do that so watch your molars if I happen to gift you with some of this stuff).

– coat and toss, coat and toss.  Do it in several additions.

Anyway, this stuff looks good.  Let’s see how it holds up to my harshest critics, the guys.


Postscript: The ECBF dug into this stuff and says it’s a lot like eating watermelon (the spitting out of the seeds part of eating watermelon).  It’s almost a good thing that it’s so difficult to eat (and slow-going, what with all the scary kernels in there to eat around), because we would have surely taken down the entire roasting pan full in one night.

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