Green Muffins – yes you read that right

green muffins

Those are some green muffins.

If you recall, a while back I had a series of posts about what I feed my guys (and more importantly, what they think I feed them).  One of the purees I posted about was the green puree.  One of my work colleagues, Veggiemama – has employed a similar covert mission in her house with the vegetable purees.

Here’s the thing about covert veggie operations: you’re tipping off the target if the muffins are actually green.  It becomes a much harder sell, “oh no Timmy, those banana muffins aren’t green because of spinach and broccoli – that’s ridiculous – who would put spinach in banana muffins??”.

All of this being said, Veggiemama’s tactics have been working in her house.  And the kids are onside to a certain extent.  The green muffins in this picture aren’t the first time she’s made them.  They were successful previously so she made them again!

Very much unlike my broccoli brownies, it looks like Veggiemama found a winner with the green banana muffins.  My next post is going to feature some success with a bean brownie.

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