Penguin Cookies

One of the best things about having a 9 year old is the announcement at bedtime that he promised his teacher you could bake 48 purple penguin-shaped cookies for the next day at school.

Good thing he gave me enough time.  Too bad he knew about it for 2 weeks beforehand.

This is what I managed to put together on short notice.  Actually, I kind of like that each penguin is completely unique from the others, and I have to say, having some “emergency” pre-made royal icing in the pantry made the ECBF laugh at me, but it really came through on this one.  Yeah buddy.

IMG00234-20110413-2206 Purple Penguins

Some fat ones, some little ones, some with wonky wings… it’s a diverse family of penguins.

The plan? I made some sugar cookie dough, dyed 1/3 of it purple, wrapped it around the un-dyed dough and sliced it like those Pillsbury cookies.  Not my finest work – but I’ll tell you what – it’s better than a box of Timbits.

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