New Toys

Santa was really good to me this year.  Well, more specifically, the boys were really good to me.  They always get me the best, over-the-top Birthday and Christmas presents.  This year was definitely the year of electronics – I made out with an iPad AND my new baby:

A Nikon D5100.


I am, by far, the worst photographer ever.  I can’t take a picture of , well, the sky.  For some reason, every time I try to take a nice picture, it turns out blurry, with my thumb in it, and off-centre.

See: here’s a picture of the big Christmas Disney Surprise being revealed:

The Big Reveal

This is supposed to be a memory that we wanted to capture forever and ever.  And I ruined it.

See what they have in their hands?  It’s a handy dandy template I found online here.  We modified it to incorporate the details of our trip. I’ll share those with you when we get back, not to worry.

So. Practice makes perfect, no?  Please bear with me while I learn to use this thing.  I’m taking a lesson or two in January, and hopefully the pictures eventually become a little less fuzzy.

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