Pinkbook Pro

I suppose I’m becoming a bit of a techno geek.  I have an assortment of electronics as a result of my boys.  They make sure I’m outfitted in the latest and greatest gadgets, which is pretty lucky for me, and helps me stay sharp.  Recently, however, it dawned on me that the one thing they weren’t likely to buy me was the one thing I needed the most – a new computer.  Computers are pretty personal things, I think.  It has to accommodate your lifestyle, all the stuff you want to do with it, and it has to be big enough to store all the stuff you need to store.  For the past 5 years I’ve been using a netbook from home.  I have a work laptop, and that’s fine, but sometimes you want to Google stuff that you don’t necessarily want your work computer systems people to know about, you know (like that weird mole, or how to get a pair of tweezers out of your D: Drive)?

So the netbook finally kicked the bucket.  It served a useful purpose for those five years.  Faithfully found me every recipe I ever needed, helped me research new ones, let me check my email and surf the internet, reading blogs and thinking about becoming a blogger.  Then, it let me launch my blog.  It powered my iTunes, and helped me plan my fitness classes, and it even stored my photos.   Then it died.

In keeping with the theme of a year of electronics, I upgraded.  Instead of grabbing yet another completely adequate and useful netbook, I happily let the ECBF run to the Apple store and buy me the big boy – a MacBook Pro.  I doubt it will make me a better blogger but it sure will make me smile every time I open it up!  Why?  Because in true Tickled Pink fashion, the ECBF made sure I had a pink cover for it.

The pink mac book

He’s so thoughtful that way.  He paid for it with my credit card, but it’s the thought that counts!!

Listen, I know it looks red in this picture but I swear it’s pink.  I’m taking that photography lesson real soon, I swear.

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