Bean Brownies

I love teaching Zumba.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful class of ladies come out a couple times a week and we always seem to have a really great time.  I’m also lucky that some of my Zumba ladies are readers of my blog – and I was gifted with a great recipe a few weeks ago that I just had to write about.

Several posts ago I was talking about how we were getting sneaky about nutrition in our house.  I did a little research and discovered The Sneaky Chef and we were implementing some of her strategies into how we feed the boys.  Similar to The Sneaky Chef, there’s another writer out there (coincidentally she is married to Jerry Seinfeld) who has come up with a similar set of principles for getting nutrition into your kids’ diets.  At the time we were reviewing recipes and deciding what to do, I took a look at Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes and website and even tried one of her brownie recipes.  It was a fail.  Around this time, I even came upon some other bloggers who were also trying out this strategy, and who were a little bit critical of Ms. Seinfeld.  I particularly enjoyed this post.  Needless to say, we went the Sneaky Chef route, and never really got on board with Ms. Seinfeld.

Any way – back to my Zumba brownies.  At first glance the recipe is similar to the Seinfeld recipe.  However, these brownies contain an entire can of black beans.  No joke.  They replace the flour and if you puree the begeezus out of them, they are completely undetectable.  IN FACT – the blond went nuts over these brownies and EVEN AFTER his brother pointed out the recipe entitled “Black Bean Brownies” (insert obligatory 12 year old “yuck” sound with dramatic dry heaving imitations) that had been sitting on the counter, he liked them SO MUCH, he kept eating them.  I put them in his lunches for a couple of days.  He was thrilled and so was I.

FYI: Black beans are high in protein, low in fat, and contain an assortment of essential minerals: iron, magnesium and zinc being but a few.  Point KK.

I took this picture with my new camera AFTER the blond went to town eating these up.  Eventually the camera thing is going to sound like less of an excuse.  Please continue to bear with me as I learn.  I appreciate your patience.

Black Bean Brownies

POST SCRIPT: A lot of people have requested this recipe from me.  I will email it to you if you’d like.  I would have posted it, but unfortunately I didn’t know its true origin, and I only print recipes that are my own, or have been significantly modified by me and where I can link back to the original.  Let me know if you want the recipe and I’ll make sure I get it to you.

2 thoughts on “Bean Brownies

  1. I must admit the “brown bean” part of the headline didn’t have me going “yum!” upon first glance.. but you certainly had me intrigued! And after reading the post I feel like this could be a winner 🙂

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