Tools: Charles Viancin

It all started with a blender.  The ECBF and I got it in our head (I say head, instead of heads, because often we’re amazed at how our minds work together and we often concurrently come to the same hairbrained schemes) to buy a Vitamix blender.  We’ve been through a number of blenders in the past 3 years – I think we have enough parts to build 5 or 6 different Magic Bullets, and then we tried to buy an ice crusher (big fat fail) and then there was the Ninja, that we put in the cart, but took out again because we were fussy about the $100 price tag.

Cut to Friday night.   I don’t know how I got the idea but I decided we needed a Vitamix.  We were fussy about $100 and so what, now I need to buy the Lambourghini of blenders?  Ugh.  And of course, like I said in the preceding paragraph, the ECBF was fully on board with my idea.  Well he went to the Costcos to try and buy one but apparently they don’t have them except when the road show is on, so we of course couldn’t wait until January 30, we needed slushy drinks THIS WEEKEND.  So we made a plan that I was going to head over to D.A. Neils Kitchenware on Saturday morning and hook us up.

D.A. Neils is a bit of a weakness for me.  I can’t just go in there and buy a blender.  No.  What I can do is go in there and waste several hours just walking up and down the aisles, looking at, picking up, and considering the purchase of, pretty much every single item in the whole store.  I’m not a kitchen geek – I’m NOT, I swear!  I love baking stuff, and I have a room full, but D.A. Neils is more for the cooks out there – they have a ton of baking stuff, but they have way more for the chef.  That’s my shout out.  Please go check them out, I promise you will find good things in there!

Let’s get back to the point, shall we?  In the store I came across these absolutely adorable, and completely functional, silicone lids by Charles Viancin, which were to be the subject of this blog post before my major digression (above):

Charles Viancin

When you place the silicone on top of a smooth-rimmed bowl, it forms a seal.  It replaces saran wrap and is completely reusable, dishwasher safe, and have I already said this? Adorable.


The seal is so strong, you can lift the bowl using the lid.  It’s magic!

Strong seal

This particular bowl wasn’t light either – it contained yummy butternut squash soup I made using, you guessed it, the Vitamix.

Butternut squash soup

My personal favourite is the banana leaf – it is large enough to fit over my big lasagna pan – which normally requires two separate strips of saran wrap.  I am thrilled.

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